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For most trail skaters rockering on 3 wheels doesn't make sense. It means that at most 2 of your wheels will be on the ground at a time, which increases maneuverability at the expense of stability. Rockering on 3 wheel skates is more severe than on 4 wheel skates because you cannot have weight on the front and back of your foot at the same time, and if you try to center your weight on the center of your foot you will be pivoting around on one point because both ends will be in the air. Wheel wear, unaddressed, will create a natural rockering over time because you will not put equal power through each wheel. However, it is very easy to rotate your wheels every few dozen miles to prevent that from happening.

3x100 will feel slower than a 4x90, and probably even a 4x84, so be prepared to work a bit harder. As far as maneuverability goes, that is a personal preference that you will have to determine for yourself. There's also going to be an increased deck height which will put more torque on your ankles.
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