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Thought I'd resurrect this thread as I've just had to take some time out from skating due to a knee injury.

I've got a history of multiple surgeries to repair various damaged ligaments and cartilage problems which has left me with a chronically unstable and arthritic right knee. Skating is generally not too bad for the knee as it is low impact, however some manouvres can cause trouble if I'm not keeping good posture, and I find my knee gets tired before the rest of my body, limiting skating time.

Advice? If you're injured you need to rest. Trucking on through is unlikely to help the problem. So rest up first. Next step is to try an improve knee strength, various different physio exercises are recommended but I find squats are great for building strength in the quads (which helps knee stability) and also exercises which work your hip flexors and glutes. Not well known but these muscles impact your posture, particularly the pressure your put on the medial (inside) of the knee, so if you suffer from over pronation which will put pressure on the inside of your knee, hip exercises can help this.

Hoping to be back at the rink this weekend, taking it easy for the first few sessions and see how I go.

Have fun out there.
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