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Originally Posted by dthamm View Post
Great idea to suggest this!
I know right?

It can get a bit cluttered to have a bunch of "new here" threads.

A few of the regulars have shared themselves and I think that's great. Many of us have been around the board for some time so I would encourage other SLF vets to chime in as well and share a little bit about themselves so that the new people have some feeling for who they're talking with and what their perspective may be.

I've been around SLF since '04 and have been skating most of my life. I started as a rink rat my freshman year of HS in 1979 and did that for a few years before more interesting things came along. I got my first inlines in '92, my first (and supposedly "the only other skate I would ever need" ha!, 11 boots later...), the Roces Paris 5 wheel in '94. 1995 brought my first race and my first speed boot, the Bont Hustler. I began skating indoors some that same year as well as my 1st A2A. I've completed every official full distance A2A that has been held since then. (this year will be my 17th in a row) I lost a year in 2001 to multiple back surgeries, but still managed to complete A2A with virtually no skating for the year. I've been skating indoor and outdoor all of this time and began coaching Skatetown Speed in the autumn of '09. I've done a lot of racing and am a big proponent of competition whether you're hardcore or not. I consider myself more of an outdoor skater, but I love it all and encourage everyone to balance their skating with indoor training if it's an option and definitely as much cross training as you can manage.
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