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Originally Posted by SeJoWa View Post
It's nice to see this familiar little skating world keep zipping along.

Aug 12
Watched excellent race videos twice, thrice, and in slow mo.

Twiddling my thumbs, hoping for the rain to go away.
in watching the "Course Open (premiers tours)" section of this race, i find it amazing and instructive at how the majority of skaters (most importantly) have no underpush, and (of lesser concern) don't efectively draft or work with their pace lines at all, while at the same time, the camera/motorcyclist races up to the lead pack and viola! - smooth, efficient, underpush and effective paceline work. Watching these skaters without an underpush- it just looks painful, or at the very least, tiring to start the outpush from a position in line with the same shoulder.

That;s one thing i like about speed skating - the notion and realization that significant break-throughs are only one stride away. Your skating is only as good as your current stride, though you have every chance in the world to pull it all together in 3 seconds as you take your next...

Some (gbo) describe the bliss of skating for them. For me, it's more about exhilitration that comes from being in the moment of a well executed stride, the resultant rush of precarious speed, and the necessity to keep this mad dash somehow under control and modulated so that i can maintain it.

thanks for posting the links to these videos, can't wait to watch the rest of them later.
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