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Originally Posted by Jon B. View Post
That being the 174 or so mile skate that SheSk8 touts, I'm all over it!
Originally Posted by mvirtue View Post
Yes, Dougp (on this board as well) is sort of the main organiser.
Hi Mark, Jon & CM,

The Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes is 72 miles across northern Idaho. It's a great trail, scenic, with very little traffic, and smooth (except for skattered gavel). For the past three years a bunch of skaters have met there on the Fourth of July weekend. This year we had 42 skaters from several states and Canada. It's kind of taken on a life of it's own now, but I'll continue to make arrangements along with shesk8 and others. Groups of skaters meet up in the morning, pick a starting place, and go skate as much as they want, maybe 30 - 50 miles a day. We typically don't skate it end to end, but you could. This year a woman in our group skated 62 miles on Saturday and 72 miles on Monday (and skated or bicycled the other three days, too).

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