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I'm in your similar situation, Kiwi, in that I'm going inline for the first time (since I was 30; now 50). I'm planning to use them around Chicagoland, some paved trails like the Fox River Trail, some in the city. I also own outdoor quad skates (but will follow the conventional wisdom and put them on the shelf while I teach myself inline again).

I've watched tons of videos, read skate forum, and changed my mind more times than I care to admit. I don't have any friends in-person or try skates, although I did sign up for the Windy City Skaters meetup. I've watched their great skate videos and think I can keep up, speed wise, in just about any skates that I choose because they're in-town, intersections, potholes, with some on the lakefront, from what I am seeing (note: that's not to say I won't fall on my face many times more than they do' they seem a very skilled bunch. #respect). But, I'll mostly skate alone anyhow.

For me, and this is just me, I've come way down in my wheel size ideas. Originally I was into 100mm. Now, thinking 80mm best. Unrockered. While I like fitness and rec skates, and was a month ago going to order some Seba Highs (despite the fit issues initially, which might be particularly off-putting as I try to get back into the inline game, enough to worry about as is), I've ratchet even that down to what I think will be best for me: hockey skates with outdoor wheels.

I love my CCM ice skates, and I have no issues with laces (although slower, I prefer them to breakable ratchets and the wearing out of Velcro; as any yer knows, laces can be micro adjusted for tension when done right, and no lace slip). I get a custom fit from laces. I know about what I size to get if I order CCM hockey skates. I'll save the 80mm indoor wheels that hockeys comes with for indoor rinks in the winter; I'll have to spend about $50 more initially to buy a set of outdoor wheels 80mm 84a, and then I'll have what I want: mobility. Sure, they're with less road vibe absorption than rec skates, but buying the proper size with thicker socks, tied snugly, and adding a new insole if needed, is something that ice hockey skaters can relate to (and, it's harder to machine wash a neoprene rec skate liner than it is a pair of acrylic hockey

Watching Bill Stoppard's many YouTube videos, where he is blazing fast with hockey skates (and only recently began using anything else after his partnership with the Proskaters Place) showed me much' if you haven't already, do YT search him. If your environment is like his (and mine), and as you have hockey skates readily available, and because they can be cheaper than other types of skates (even after adding more wheels, and sometimes bearings), they have many advantages. I've also drawn the conclusion that fast is great, but I honestly don't want to go 25 mph down the bike path; not my goal to snap a collarbone when a slow-turning 100mm setup leads my unskilled feet into a dog leash or a teen on a skateboard. Lol. I sort of like bursts of speed, and, again, I think 80mm wheels and mobility are right for me. Just me.

Certainly, if your nascent road group is going to be on railroad converted "rail trails", or tons of near-straight paved areas, then a larger wheel may be better for you. There is no perfect skate, for sure. Honestly, if you watch Stoppard's channel, and if you are like me, you will come to appreciate a good, all-around 80mm unrockered skate. And maybe, a hockey skate. Conversely, if you watch and say to yourself that you won't every be on that type of curby roadways, then you might come to a different conclusion from the same videos; we are so fortunate to be able to see so much through the kind work of others, like advice from Armadillo on the forums (I've read many of your quad posts, sir; thank you) and videos like Stoppard's 200+ or so. Lol.

Just my (very limited) buying and selecting experience. I can't wait to get my CCM RBZ 90s.


PS Do tell us what you go with, Kiwi. And I will update or start a thread when I get to cruising and get the pain in the arches and ankles; let the bellyaching begin!
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