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Originally Posted by KiwiCowgirl View Post
a) get some super cheap new skates
b) splash out a bit ($200-300NZD) on slightly better new skates
c) buy the second hand hockey skates
d) or go for the wildcard and get some speed skates from china (aliexpress). they sure look flash
a-b) 300NZD is cheap for anything of reasonable quality. Bont has a couple of reasonable packages (barely) in that price range that will work for you. It's mostly their 3 point mounting options they are trying to get rid of. That limits the upgradeability, but they're still decent skates for the money.
c) It's an options, but you'll be limited from a speed skating point of view. Hockey skates are made for short sprints and maneuverability. Most of them have high rigid cuffs, which means you can't really bend the ankle forward. That in turn limits how much you can bend your knees and get low.
d) This is probably the worst option. They look fancy, but the materials on many of them are very cheap. You're risking injury when something breaks.
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