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Default Hiya!

The name's Banshee, because I am unafraid to make my presence known, and often make people upset because I don't stay quiet for long.... Unless you make me mad, that is

Anyway, I was a member of SOS Speed team out of Bethlehem Skateaway in (kinda obvious now) Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I had to leave the team due to many different things, for now I'll just say moving to a different town, when I was about 12 years old. I recently rediscovered my skates in storage and, miracle of miracles, they still fit! Imagine my delight

HOWEVER, after 8 years of not even really looking at them, I have no idea how to do more than clean out my bearings, and even then I had to find a tutorial of sorts online to remember what kind of lubricant to use on 'em. So, I started googleing my questions, and stumbled upon this little goldmine (or at least I hope this can be a gold mine to me...)

I'll probably be posting as often as I have a question, which means at least once or twice a week (on average) Once I have myself back into proper skating form, I may look into joining another team or possibly just skating on the streets of Philly. Thanks in advance for any and all help, even if it's just saying you can't give an answer, but know of someone who may know what to say ^_^
Love & Be You
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