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Hi Bright Red,
You're welcome. The saddle soap does work but it does pull out oils, so conditioning afterward is very important. I have not tried the Lexol but I have used the mink oil. I can't tell you the difference. It may well be better than the mink oil, I just can't say.

As for polishing, I would always wait till the mink oil was fully absorbed. It takes about a week for it to fully absorb and you can tell because the leather will return to it's lighter color. Once it is done then I like a good polish. I wish I could remember the name of the polish I used, but it was a cream polish. I got it at a shoe store. It worked very well and did not dry out the leather.

I just looked it up. It was the melatonian shoe and boot cream. It looks like they are being discontinued, but you can find some on To me it was much more than a polish and actually conditioned as it polished, as it soaked into the leather. I loved it.

Best of luck,
Jim (The Ancient One)
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