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Hi Bright Red,
Maybe I should explain a bit more.

The saddle soap cleans but it does remove a little of the oils in the leather causing it to dry a bit but it cleans very well.

The mink oil will add some natural oils back in and it also gives some water protection (as if you would normally need water protection other than sweat).

So I clean with a damp cloth then rub some saddle soap into the leather, just a little goes a long way, then wipe it off as thoroughly as possible and you can use a damp rag to wipe it. Finally get a mink oil paste like Kiwi (can get it from Walmart) or Red Wing, can get it from a red wing store. And thoroughly cover LIGHTLY the leather. Just enough to be very thin but all over and rub it in. The leather will darken lightly till it is absorbed (a few days) then it will lighten. This should add back the oils you removed with the saddle soap and give a little protection to the leather.

OK! That may have been too much info but that's ok. And I have never ruined my leather from using saddle soap or mink oil. Taking care of your boots is a good idea.
Jim (The Ancient One)
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