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Default Beginner set up??

Originally Posted by Spartan View Post
Doc, one of the girls on my derby team is getting her plates mounted by a guy who is planning to mount her skates differently from how I do it, and I wanted your opinion on it. Her previous skates were DVW mounted Reactors on 965. I think you have an idea of how DVW mounts skates, he (and I) are disciples of the Doc method. She won her class in Nationals Speedskating on that setup. Now this new guy is mounting her skates so that they are closer to the instep of her boots. His reasoning was that the big toe and the toe next to it are stronger than the other toes, so he wanted the plate to be lined up under them for more power. I have never heard of this setup and I wanted your opinion on it.
Buy a Pacer, they build 'em that way..Most of the Sunlice built in Lenexa that I have seen are too...

He may be correct in his ergonomic assessment, but that will be of far less benefit than the loss of agility from that alignment... The toes in (toe in heel centered) alignment does just that..... forces your toes in when you sk8.

Now if he is moving the center line close to the instep, this is worse... The plates my be under the "strong toes" but the sk8r will have to work to keep them pointed straight ahead. The natural tendency will be for the ankles to supinate (rotate outward) causing the sk8s to split apart.

Let's put it this way...... If I thought that was the way to go I'd build 'em that way...

My main question is why is this lady messing with success??? I think she will be hating her new sk8s... If she isn't let me know... I'm always interested in something new to try...
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