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The only way to learn wheeling is to actually practice it. I feel that even if you can get all the flat foot tricks down, you will still need to develop your own feel to where to put your weight when wheeling both toe or heel. The pace which you develop your wheeling skill would be dependent on how proficient you are on skates overall (which links to how well you feel about your non-wheeling tricks).

Start anytime, and even if you start wheeling now you can only get better over time

To answer your question about cobra and brush:

I would not consider either of them a foundation trick. Cobra in particular is a flexibility trick with a quite restricted number of entries and exits. Tricks such as Nelson, snake, sun, one-foots have the potential to link into a wide variety of other tricks which is not the case with cobra.

I have not seen brush used enough (nor do I use it often enough) to figure out other links.

That being said, if you are able to learn either of these tricks, you should try to do so anyways since a larger trick arsenal is always a good thing

About learning on your weak side:

It is definitely good practice to learn on your weak side. When you watch videos of Guo Fang doing perfect rides/seatbelts on either feet, it really demonstrates the versatility of always being able to link whatever trick you want without needing to set up a prior trick to change your body position.

I feel the most important weak side trick to learn is Back Nelson. Typically when you learn Nelson, your dominant foot is leading the one foot, and when you learn Back Nelson the same direction is encouraged (dominant foot kicking) because you can link both Nelsons into a trick called Mega. (Other reasons why this direction of Back Nelson is encouraged includes learning Mexican). The Back Nelson on your weak side is one of the easiest entries that can link into more technical tricks on your dominant foot
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