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Back nelson -> sun -> trick is actually a very common transition move, I see a number of people use it for sevens, chicken foots, seat belts, etc.

One-footed shifts being easier on your weak side isn't really weird either. Most slalom skaters are stronger with their weak side for backwards skating because that's the foot that they use for the standard back nelson. When I first learned shifts I did them with my weak side as well, although I did eventually learn the other side as well(because left-footed wheeling wasn't happening anytime soon).

Cobra and brush aren't really foundation moves. Cobra is a trick that's really more dependent on your flexibility than your skating ability, and brush can be considered an extension of j-turns/swans.

All roads do eventually lead to wheeling tricks, but for the vast majority of US slalom skaters (I'd even argue all) they still have quite a ways to go before they even come close to exhausting non-wheeling tricks. Aside from flat chicken foot and j-turn, there are also swans/screws/reverse j-turns and a myriad of variations on those, rekils, footspins, total cross, x-back, fan volte, sweep/drift, the whole windmill family of tricks (aka seatbelt or baek ban), a number of other one-footed spins, footguns/kasatchok, etc. If you really want to delve into difficulty, there are also things like one-footed brush, spinning footguns, in-cone slides, etc.

Aside from tricks, there are also as many transitions as your creativity and skill will allow to learn and become familiar with. You can start to learn these transitions simply from watching and emulating videos, and eventually you'll find that it isn't really difficult to start making up your own.
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