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Okay, that worked. Don't ask. Bwahhhaahhhaa...

Anyhoo...I get it (I mean the description). Only I start with a nelson, into a sun. Yes, trying to explain is difficult. What I like about the chicken toe is that it feels so natural. It's infectious. And really impressive, but I've only done it freestyle and not through cones yet- I'm sure that will be a different experience (like wheeling, yeah the bane of my existence- do we even need to mention that thread?)

Since that thread I took everyone's advice and have been working on foundation tricks. Mainly learning them on my weak side (and thinking I was wasting my time). I was seriously wrong. If you're new to slalom and are reading this PLEASE NOTE: Learning your weak side is really important (I see that now). It will open up a new world.

As soon as I started working my weak side I realized I could do a one footed shift coming out of a sun. It had nothing to do with my weak side, but for some reason it just worked out that way. Wierd right? So now I'll try flat chicken foot and J-turn. I just really hope they are not like the cobra or the brush. I hate those more than wheeling. Are cobra and brush foundation moves? Should I start trying to wheel again? Is that something I should even play around with? Do all roads lead to wheeling??? Ughhh!
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