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In the US, we often call that Chicken Toe, as opposed to Chicken foot, which is the same trick, but flat-footed.

I think Chicken Toe a beautiful trick, but not particularly easy. You probably want to have your toe wheeling down OK and also good upper-body control for stuff like J-turn (where you keep the body and head steady instead of having parts progressively lead or lag the trick) before spending serious time learning this one.

If you are just starting learning this, I think the first part of the Sun is a great entry into Chicken toe. Cross cone 1 with the same foot you want to wheel on. Your other foot (the one that will be lifted) goes around cone 2 and then crosses your body as with a j-turn or Screw. As your weight falls to your other foot in this process, you lift the crossing foot, and go up on your toe on the planted foot, using the momentum of the weight shift to drive your toe wheel around the cone. Don't try to get momentum by flinging your body around, as that will cause your upper body to lead the trick, which will end it's execution quickly.

Cool thing about the trick is the same basic steps can be used to do a standing (one-cone) screw. Just don't lift the crossing foot during j-turn entry, but cross the legs and go up on both toes. As with Chicken Toe, solid upper-body position is key. Keep the arms balanced, chest up, and torso solid. You might have better control if you look straight forward while spinning instead of down at the cone, as dipping your chin will also lower your chest and compromise balance.

good luck!
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