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Default Turns and Ice (yeah, changing the topic a bit)

Ugh! Still can't turn all the way. Front to back okay, but loose steam going from back to front. Sharp arc, weight forward, then rotate edge, skates/hips to outside? I really need to start trying again. Here's one I've been having fun with...

It's really fun, but stationary. Also when I tried ice skating I had an absolute blast doing this one (it was much easier on ice, think I found my new baby).

Do you guys ice skate too? If so, are hockey skates the way to go? The pair I rented looked like hockey, but had a very small tooth at the front. All the slalom moves translated beautifully on ice. Also jumping 360's were SOOOO easy. Loved it!!!

Thanks for the edge control video, those are super good drills, also good to teach kids, so thanks.
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