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There are 2 ways I like to do it. I still need to make it better though. Practice practice!
For miltiple shifts. (the only way I can do it right now)
Coming out of a backward skate to front skate using that force going onto the inside edge making a sharp arc at the end of tha tight arc leaning forward putting pressure on the ball of my foot then rotating my skate and hips to the outside edge of the skate. At that point you will be on the outside edge going into another arc. If you want to do multiple shifts or 3turns as they say in figure skating you will need to keep the acr tight and use your free leg to keep you propelling along with you hips. Where your hips go your shouldrers go.

Another way which is the same but slower and for a single shift. (Just screwing around grooving to the music)
Skating forward....1 foot..... Inside edge making a sharp "c" arc almost coming to a stop but right at the point before stopping you lean on the ball of your foot and again rotate the skate and your hips to the outside edge making a wide arc. You will be leaning quite a bit on the outside edge of the skate which will allow you to propell yourself out of the turn.

Here is a video of some edge work. When I skate I do most of these exercises to warm up. These are the basic foundation moves you asked for. Found this to be the best video for exploring edges.

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