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Originally Posted by coach sue View Post
Hi Kathy,

We don't really have an adult night (YET) but we do have open "art" practice on Wednesday Nights starting @ 5PM till the last skater drops! We have one of the country's best organists move into the area, DAVE PADEN, who is also teaching here @ Skateland North GReensboro NC. If any one wants more info call Sue @ 336-406-0068 or Dave @ 336-996-5941. He's also going to be making more dance CDs as time permits in case anyone wants to add to their collections.

Hello Coach Sue!! I was so happy to read this posting. I was wondering what happened to Dave after the rink changed hands??? (this is Dave Paden from Cornwells, Bensalem Pa. that you mention here?) If so, I am happy he is still involved in skating, he is a definite asset!!!

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