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Valley Skating Center, Donora PA (just south of Pittsburgh) used to have a Monday evening adult session during which, they had a couple sets of called dances. If you were still there at the end of the session, they would play what you wanted to dance to for anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. Great for competitive sk8rs.

SKYBORN Skateland, Fairborn Ohio, just northeast of Dayton (and right next to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base for those of you who might be military) has a Wednesday night DANCE session during which they play nothing but dance music. Runs from 8 til 10, $5 admission. No called dances, since the whole night is dance music. Do whatever tempo is on. Rink is now owned by David Ripp, who is the Grandson of Chalrie Snyder - SNYDER SKATE COMPANY. Well, Snyder is now gone but the skating tradition lives on. David said that he would hold the adult dance night as long as he has the rink.

The Castle in Loveland Ohio, northeast suburb of Cincinnati, sporadically holds a dance session on a Sat afternoon (5 to 7) or Sunday. But it is "semi-occasional" and you have to call for the schedule.
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