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Originally Posted by fierocious1 View Post
Mort I have to hand it to you bud. You do telling how many times I have explained it and most never do get it.
You mean to say I understand ? Or don't? Lol now I am confused. **edit** sorry it was jumbled up and I just got off work lol, I think I follow now.

I first noticed this anomaly when I fixed up the geometry on a set of vanilla plates. I didnt really change the compression much and at the time didnt even use grease on his skates. But the way the truck yoke made contact with the cushions changed, so it changed the way the trucks liked to steer. This was mainly to do with the way the truck NJ was trying to compress the cushions, and the cushions weren't allowing the truck to turn in the way they should have.

Even though the truck was now in better contact with the cushions, which I figured would feel MORE stable, it wasn't to him. It felt squirrelly as all get out. Because it could turn like intended lol. I also put flat washers on instead of cupped retainers.

It's funny how small a difference it takes to change the way the truck behaves. Makes me kinda want to experiment with angling cushions for more extreme mods.
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