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Originally Posted by bjvircks View Post
neat idea! I'm surprised your 'hollow' (internal crosshatching for fast printing and less material use) held up as well as it did.

What design tool are you working in? What type(s) of 3D printing available to you? What printing materials have you got?

I've got some 'thoughts' on your design if you are open to input.

the 'hollow' design did surprise me. it did break after about half a mile though.
Materials....the green stuff is some standard plastic they provide that may or may not be biodegradable. comes in a lot of colors, but they had a couple spools of green on hand and I didn't care. the black plastic you will see in a moment (about to post an update) is ..."Onyx chopped carbon fiber filament, a plastic which results in both a strong and flexible material. Due to the material properties, the resulting product is often very durable and is at reduced risk of thermal deformation or warping as it is expressed onto the build plate. " (copied from a website). I also printed the black one completely solid. That's it as far as what is here, but I imagine I could do better somewhere else. in the past I have worked with metals, but weight was rarely an issue there.
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