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Originally Posted by HeBeGB View Post
Ursle, once again you have gone off half cocked just to troll the forum

Actually if I had entered a bont thread and described the overall bad fit, the fact that everyone that wears them HAS to use "easy fits" to keep their heels tight, still wouldn't be trolling, it would be pointing out the facts, but this is a thread by and about Bones products, and it's getting trolled, so what's the problem?

Rollerbones wheels are legally made and sold in the United States, they meet all price points, they are easy to acquire and the company is friendly, so why troll the thread.

Can Scottie's wheels legally be sold in California? I see more and more products containing harmful chemicals being forbidden from the state.

I admit, I'm not a fan of mini bearings, to loud and to rusty, pity that this conversation is happening in a rollerbones thread......
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