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Default Bearings....

Bones/Rollerbones does not "make their own" bearings, let alone the "best".

The only thing Scott makes that requires micro bearings are the assassin line, which is BONT. Though he does offer a wide version for those people looking for a full sized speed wheel while utilizing the lightness of the bont hub design.

Bones sources their bearings from china... and claims "skate rated" as a marketing tool, which means jack sh!t. True abec1 ratings actually mean something at least....

They need replacement parts for their bearings because 1 out of every 8 bones reds (3 sets I personally went through) and other bearing cages are malformed or broken. Which during high speed forwards to backwards or backwards to forwards transitioning can make the cages come off the balls and the bearings come apart.

Also, if you are interested in ceramic micros they can be made. Just contact the right people.

If you're all for the USA made crap, find a USA made bearing manufacturer
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