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Originally Posted by zebra1922 View Post
For a session/basic art skater, why would I want a short forward mount?
For traditional art disciplines, chances are good that you don't. While I am an advocate of shorter plates, they're not for everyone in every situation.

Originally Posted by wired View Post
Quad skates work better with more weight on the front wheels than back which dictates a slightly forward leaning athletic stance.
Depends on what you're doing. Old speed skaters trick, if you want to scrub off a little speed going into a corner, put a little weight on your toes. Need to run up on a guy a little, get your weight on your heels. Skates are slower with weight on the front axle. Works on ice blades too.

Originally Posted by Mort View Post
F short plates.
Not necessary.

Originally Posted by Mort View Post
"Turning" ... yet to see anyone out corner me even when I had a 193mm wheelbase on a size 10 vanilla freestyle. My foot is 283mm in length.
"Turning" and "cornering" are two vastly different things.

Originally Posted by Mort View Post
Imo if you need your plate to turn more, and you have to go to a short wheelbase to accomplish this.., maybe your skating form or athleticism is the problem?
Or maybe not. Maybe it's a pure style thing. Or maybe your particular level of athletic ability permits you to overpower shortcomings.

Or maybe it just doesn't suit you, and that's ok too.

Originally Posted by Mort View Post
The primary factor in how a skater can turn is the skater, not some hack job bandaid fix of cutting down an inch of wheelbase for negligible results.
It's hardly a "hack job" any more than being choosy about what size underwear to buy.

The primary factor in how a skater can turn is the realization that there is no single primary factor.

The skater and the equipment, in concert and in component parts, is the formula. Change any one thing and you have tampered with the formula, and it may now not be correct.
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