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Originally Posted by JorisKB View Post
You could question endlessly how this happend. Truth is these plates are crap. The original design before powerdyne bought it was way stiffer and using 7075, probably for a reason.

Rethinking the old KP design is very interesting but so far no one came up with anything better, This is true not only for quad skates but for skateboarding too.

And this design has been used for more than a century now.

So if you think it's easy to do better, chances are you are wrong.

But still a very good challenge, and probably someday someone will come with something better. Hope so
A lot of what happens to damage skate plates is misapplication. Too much weight for a particular plate, using lightweight speed plates in abusive application and incorrect tuning or over tightening of suspension. Lots of lightweight speed plates being used in derby resulting in lots of breakage. But people will buy what they want no matter if it is recommended or not.
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