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Default Best/Memories of convertible roller skate shoes

I used to have a pair of shoes that would produce wheels from the sole when a button was pressed. They were a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the construction of the metal bits was week and one day I was skating along the sidewalk and the wheels stayed in a crack. It was the front wheels, so for some time I used them as heelies.
Some day, I might get another pair (yes, I'm a skate nerd and don't mind wearing something as preposterous as that*).
The kind I had were four very small hard plastic wheels mounted to two separate plates in the shoe. a flexible sole made up for the lack of any sort of bushing. The wheels were horizontally close enough together to fit into the sole without being visible from the side (at which point the shoe looked like a platform shoe. I liked this because it was sorta stealthy, however the performance was terrible.
I have seen several designs that use two larger wheels with rubber on them that are equally stealthy, but theoretically would give better performance. unfortunately, I haven't found any in adult sizes (do tell me if you find some).
What seems to be the best option nowadays for adults (for convertible skates, that is...yes, there are detachable boots too) are 4 large wheels spaced so that the outside edge matches the outside edge of the sole. These fold up into a cutaway on the side of the sole, fully in view, but these look like they might be halfway-functional. I have found one seller on eBay (and I looked, unsuccessfully, on Alibaba and amazon) in Greece. I might post the link in a reply (so as not to jeopardize this thread in case that is not allowed).
Anyone else mess with these as a kid?
Anyone know of good ones still around today? or am I the only weirdo skate nerd with 0 sense of fashion?

*sometimes I wear skates in the offices where I work. once I even brought my nordic roller skis
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