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Default Mid wheel evolution

i've really become interested in the various 62mm "MID" market that seems to be evolving.

Whereas alot people might suggest this thread might be better suited in the derby forum - because any narrow hubbed wheel is greatly considered so -some of the offerings lately seem to be performance and speed driven.
Yes. I am an old skater who is now playing derby all of the sudden .. but i love to skate at the beach or an occasional session. I am kind of a purist when it comes to skates and gear... old Prolines / 595redlines / purpleLips - for my era and growing up poor, my skates are my dream skates. but i dont wanna burn out my purples so i'm buying some wheels. I bought some mids off craigslist for $10 and now i see the advantage derbywise... speed wise the 4mm difference doesn't bother me (i try keeping up with NHL pros when they come whizzing by at the beach on their bauer blades). and as far as my grooveskating goes..ive been able to pull off my stuff a bit easier. It almost feels like cheating.

62mm MIDS can be a small jump from the 62x40-43mm speed wheels that i am used to. I consider a "MID" or "Narrow" wheel to be any 62x37-39. Most of the MIDS seem to be 62x38, but with the RB Turbo comin in at 37mm (i think) and now Aussie Scott's newest offering (promises 39mm tires to go with his new SLIM hub in the near future), I am starting to imagine a new niche ( i think you guys call it SEDS) to dive into.

Heres a few I have become interested in..

Man.. I always wanted to get a set of Enforcers...and now he goes and does this! (oceans of drool)

There seems to be some debate over SureGrip wheels in general.. but i am gonna try these new mids (42mm in pic) because the colors match my skates (that's right - i said it!)

#3. RB TURBOS 97A (62x37mm)
I may never hold a set of Deanos in my own I am forced to check out Bones premier wheel

so if you guys who have any reviews or 62mm mids I overlooked - post em here. (I am not too interested in ATOMS offerings or other plastic or hybrid hubbed wheels. ..but hey, what do i know..?) I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO ENCOURAGE THE WHEEL COMPANYS THEMSELVES to introduce or provide info on their respective wheels on this thread.
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