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Hey all, To answer the questions above about TLTF Halo's

Each wheel is made just like our current 110s and 100s. They feature Dual pour Technology and our very finest highest quality Urethane.
All 125 are race profile and standard race width of 24mm.
Currently we have 3 Indoor Options, and are sold out of the Outdoor, but in the coming weeks we will re pour more for Outdoor.

For those who have tried TLTF outdoor wheels, these new wheels will feature our new XP material that is truly amazing.

Halo wheels will be $160 a set or $26.50 a wheel

There is some comments about the price point wheel. this is called the Momentum and sells currently for $78.00 a set. This is a single pour wheel, made in USA, and 100% of the best materials.

If you all have any questions please let us know
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