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Originally Posted by chuckboucher View Post
If you like the MPC Black Magic, you may want to give the Atom Boom Magic wheels a try. Same hub, but Boom urethane. I have a set of both in XXF and prefer the Atoms over the MPCs. The urethane is faster.
I agree that the Atom boom is a very good wheel and feel better than the MPC black magic. My comparison test on a semi rough road of the TLTF Halo and the Atom Boom led me to choose the Atom boom for a race, they felt better for roll and grip. I believe because the Halo has a larger hub with less urethane for the road conditions I was on. I can't say the Atom boom is better than the Matter One Twenty Five. The Matters last forever and still perform as one of the best wheels. I haven't tried the GI3 but my hunch is I'd like them even better as I prefer the 22mm wheel.

As for feel the Mota wheels feel dead compared to others but for $13 it's tough to complain. I like reely's review of the TLTF Momentum wheel, that sounds like a winner for the price.
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