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Originally Posted by panch0 View Post
Any of you have skated on these wheels and would like to share comments?

TLTF seems to enjoy a good reputation for being a good wheel in 110's and I wonder if the quality will transfer to 125's. Dual pour I believe? Price? 24 mm wide?

MOTA 125's I've heard that when they are new they feel great but lose their qualities VERY quickly and they go dead. Dual pour? Price? 24 mm wide?
Apples and Oranges. The TLTF wheel is a $25 wheel versus the MOTA at $13. The TLTF wheel is light and feels good on smooth road surfaces, the MOTA is an OK wheel for practice but that's it. I have a set of each and they feel like their price. Compared to other high end Road wheels there are others that are better IMO.
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