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Originally Posted by Derrick View Post
Who knew there was so much to one element but it keeps it interesting.

Disclaimer: my breakdown is from my own prosepective and I am self-taught so you may want to take it with a grain of sand. Some may be pure conjecture as well.

Ok So I start going reverse. No Problem. Then choctaw. Ok this point is critical, You set the spin here, and I think this is where I have the most issue. This brief move determines the max reveloutions. No matter what you do you can't add reveloutions only speed after you set it. So my spin is now on the outside edge with weight on the back wheel. My spin is not tight enough at this point and I have few reveloutions available. Next I bring the balance foot from the back to high on the side. So I am spinning slowly. At this point you have full control over the speed of the spin you can actually pause here if you want. But I don't want. Now I bring in my arms and legs really quickly. I should be able to bring them in slowly, bu there is the issue of the rock over. If I go slow I have 4 wheels on the floor with equal weight on all very breifly. And this will cause you to fall down. I've never had an ankle injury from this, but I think that could happen, but I lace up tight to prevent. New to me, after this I am fine. I can ride out the little revelotion I have left fine. Not really enough to exit nicely. I can get opposite foot and edge, but I'm all from just standing there.

So in retrospect I need to set the OF better and faster. Then make sure I rock over at the right time. I should be able to bring my arms and leg in more slowly, if everything else is proper it is better to not pull in quickly.

Well we'll see what I can improve. Feeling knda poor (galbladder issues). Seems like it's always something anymore. It's not contagious so I will skate today.
Derrick - do you think you might be over analyzing this rather than just feeling it and letting it happen?
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