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Get the entry down. Just spinning from a stand still will only get minimal rotation and trying to spin by holding an edge backwards and then deepening an edge will only throw you off balance when you try to transition into a spin.

What you need is a pivot point to enter the spin and to do that you need a good entry. you will use your speed going backwards then step into the spin and use that step to transition as you entry which will translate the energy of linear movement into rotational movement.

Ok! following is a poorly executed quality spin but it will demonstrate how to enter the spin. Keep in mind this was after 30 years of being off skates and I picked this up almost immediately because I followed some basic entry moves. You can do this too.

First start out on a back outside edge on the right foot then rock over to an inside edge with the left foot toward your back. Then step to the left foot in a deep knee bend and a deep outside edge. Then as you straighten the knee, you will flip the edge from a forward outside to an inner back edge. Don't stand up all the way yet, but maintain a slight bend in the left knee, but only slight. This is a trade off. A perfectly straight knee will let you get the best spin quality but is more difficult to stay perfect, while the slight bend allows you to make micro adjustments which is needed for a beginner. As you improve you can straighten.

Ok, here is the youtube vid:

This is me and I at that time I have very little balance. It was only technique that allowed me to do it... You can do it too.

Originally Posted by Derrick View Post
Any helps on my form.

I want to enter like 3:30 in

On one foot. But I am way off. When I try it from a stand still I'm completely on my toes. I've wtched the rolaboi video over and over. I can do it on a trainer but I catch all four wheels if I don't just use my toes. If I enter rolling even slightly, I avoid being completely on my toes but I fall out of the spin after one rotation.

I can enter like 4:05 inconsistently. But that wobble and catch is normal. Sometimes I catch it on my balance heel and finish heel-toe.

I still feel I'm missing something, hopefully simple.
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