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I spend 2 hours a day on my twisters and run through a full set of wheels every month.

The three sided tool is a must have. I rotate my wheels every day, so I use the tool to pull the axles eight times a day. The triangle shape makes spinning the axles in and out a breeze.

For the rocker, I like 76-80-80-76. Because I run through the wheels so fast, I am not very particular about the rocker as long as there is approximately 4mm difference. Besides, the wheels wear down quickly, the toe and heels wear faster than the centers, and the rocker will change as a result.

The 72mm and 76mm wheels may be more readily available and cheaper than the 80mm.

I skate on concrete and like the Labeda shooters hockey wheels, They are slightly thicker than most, they last long enough, they don't blow out like soft wheels, they grip well, and they are cheap. (Less than $4.00 ea.) However, they are as ugly as sin - dark purple.

I wear out the wheels because I spend about an hour doing an intense workout before practicing the slalom moves. If you are just practicing slalom moves, you can spend more on your wheels and get a just the right size rocker, color, etc.

Get the skate tool, buy some 80mm wheels, put them in the center. You can do this twice with original twister wheels. (Use the blunt end of the tool to pry out the bearings and press them in.) When you wear out these two sets, you will know all you need to know about wheels etc. You may also want to buy an extra set of moderately priced bearings.

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