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Hi All, name isZebra (well not really but I've learnt on forums its not always good to use your real name, I posted some criticism of a coach a while back, meant to be anonymous and no names were mentioned, but it was figured out it was me and who I was talking about, so a lesson learnt). On here I'll be Z.

I'm a 40 something learner, enjoying skating again on quads for the first time since I was 11 as my daughter went to a skate party and loved it, and so did I. I can get around the rink OK, weave around the falling over kids, crossover turn anticlockwise, stop (occasionally) but everything else is on the todo list. Just looking at buying my first set of quads (maybe Ventro Pro and Airwaves wheels, advice from olisskateshop in Dorset) and looking forward to my daughters birthday party at the local rink and some lessons in September, main aim is I want to skate backwards!
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