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Are you going to the state games at Holiday Orange? I wish I could give some good advice, but the only ideas are the following.

1) While trying to go into a OF upright spin or OB upright spin my coaches teaches the entrance for these spins.

a) Going/skating backwards Step onto the ROB edge, then turn to the left and press of the LOF Edge for the OF upright spin. Seems to help if you have strong edge going into the spin you are trying to perform.

b) Going/skating backwards step onto the LOF edge, then the RIF edge then rock onto/three turn onto the ROB upright spin. I do not have this spin down yet. Iím still learning also.

c) I feel the Roll Line Dance skates makes it easier for a beginner to learn how to spin, because of the very flexible truck action in the skates.

2) Some people like that new spinner tool, where you step onto it and spin like you would if you were skating. Kind of like a lazy-susan which you step on top of it on the floor/ground, then spin around on top of it.

3) I donít know if practicing LOF three turns would help with the LOF upright spin. Or if trying to do LOF Loop circles would help with a LOF upright spin.

4) Same would go for LOB three turn on a big circle. And if doing LOB loops would help the LOB upright spin?


Larry Otani..spins are my weak point. Haven't got much lesson onto them myself.
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