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Originally Posted by romekjagoda View Post
Thanks for your replies and stories
My daughter is going to turn 2,5 in June, so obviously I am not putting her on anything right now yet, but I also don't want to discourage her. Quite the opposite. So when I see her wanting to get my skates on when I come back from a workout, I gladly do so and my heart sings.
However, of course I want to avoid being one of the crazy dads who starts preparing his kids for the olympic games since they are 3 and has got the whole plan worked out I know that starting things too early may discourage the kids and be counterproductive, plus most importantly there are the health considerations and the impact of such sports on e.g. joints, etc. At the same time no one is talking here about doing regular high intensity work-outs 4 times a week, but still it's better to know there are no risks.
I will see, because I have been reading that starting on quads may be the way to go, but at the same time other articles claiming they should go directly on inlines. As with anything these days, confusion all along...
Many rink owners I know put skates on the kids at around 18 months, quads, tighten the wheels down so they don't turn to get them used to walking around in them. Then move on from there. Have kids racing on the team as young as 3 so they started sooner.
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