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Default Me 77 and still skating and riding dirt bikes.

Boots: 951 Riedell,(second pair since 2000. (same price as a bicycle with a lawnmower motor) nuts. but!

Very low cut,so you have >full ankle ball movement. Extra soft drum rolled premium COW hides. (No Hong Kong Phooey leather etc or Buffalo hide). Lightweight, you are lifting your feet every time you go round and round. it adds up.

Basically a Flat sole. Designed like when you were running thru the jungle Barefoot. IE more balance.

951 is designed for break dancers etc. A large toe box and stiff in the ends. Soft everywhere else. Cool max lined to remove sweat.

And skate plate: Being aged (old) I prefer a >lazy action plate that is the full length and mounted in a standard pattern. IE plate all the way back to the heel. 1 foot in the grave and the other one on a Banana peeling.

62MM X 44MM premium urethane wheels (95A duro) good roll and grip. Prediciable. 7mm Ceramic Bones skate bearings.

This setup makes it easy and makes it >fun. And as long as you own them they will always waiting on you to catch up. You will never ever be able to use them beyond their design. Bail you out when you goof up.

They cost way to much,but: they are well worth it. Helps save you when you need it. Just some musings.

If you come to Phoenix,i have Adult only night (8 years non stop) every MOnday. No rules but the rules of the road,No dj,just music, and No Dress codes. If you got it? You can flaunt it. 18 up. I will let you in free. 1 time. Just say Skatelog.
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