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Smile One skate that does it all.

Since I'm venturing into competing into Freestyle, I have come to the conclusion it is quite ridiculous to have separate skates for performing each
particular event.

1) Why do you have to have one particular plate, boots and wheels to do "Figures".

2) Then have to switch to a completely different boot, skate and wheels to do Solo Dance.

3) Then you decide to perform jumps and spins, which requires a stiffer boot,
less action in the trucks/a different plate and then smaller wheels and less grip to perform the spins?

I noticed one big difference in my boots. I love my Berry Boots, but they are more like tennis shoes and I would say they resemble the Reidell 597 boots, which seems like a speed boots. Both my figure and dance boots have low heels.

When I went to my Freestyle Skates they have a big heels and force you to place the weight on the balls of your feet. On the Figure and Dance boots with the low heels your weight shifts from the ball to the heel.

3) Wheels... I have ventured to a little softer stickier wheel for Solo Dance, no turns. And figures always have the hardest wheels, but I'm still doing no turns. And in freestyle you need a harder wheel to spin.

Jumps you learn to skate with less grip sacrificing the grip on the jumps to the slide on the spins. Also the trend is smaller wheels, although in the 70's I did do freestyle on the larger 63mm wheels.

I do not know what the Champions were skating on, but I would not be surprised if they skated on smaller diameter wheels, like a 55-57 mm wheel. You do seem have more or better balance with a smaller diameter wheel for jumping and spinning.

So, I guess a more conventional boot, like a Reidell 297 or Silver Star or Gold Star, with the tall heel pushing the wt to the ball of the foot and a plate more like a Roll Line Energy as opposed to a specific Dance plate, or specific Figure plate without the toestop mount and taller wheel like the Bones 101, one could probably win at or on at a national Championship.

I think I could skate on the Roll Line Energy Plate, Edea Concerto Boot and the Bones 101A wheels in all three disciplines...Dance, Figure and Freestyle and win.


Larry O
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