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Looking around at our other countries that make our artsy skaters seem like some what unsung hero's...These countries make amends to the families and the areas for which they live, to that of the country they represent. Many people turn out to see their family members have the spot light on them, and local news coverage. They have sponsors to hear and see them through. The other thing that seems to not touch them is the generation of filth that has manifested here in the states. I went to a show to see a young girl that looked like a hooker art skating to "Hot Stuff" this is song that is about sex. Personally, this isn't too appealing for those that wish to watch those years and endurance and a upper level of skating. My other comparative is the matter that too many art skaters here in USA are spread too thin. I have not seen too often Italian skaters making their entrances in too different areas of many events. Sure there is a matter of making your foundation, for which will bring you forward, but it is not then upon JWC and WC. They stick to their best of favorite area of art skating. Here in the states, we"ve been destroyed!
We need more plans for the upcoming years, so our "futureskaters" can make their way to the top.

Guess, computer games, and bop music with shake your arse off is the finest we've got Oh, let's not forget those that have made their ways to our government roles, for their roles in the increase lung cancer for those that need to smoke medical marijuana.

The others that skate are a income for the rinks, which I can not blame the operators for wanting.
Futureskaters are our passion
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