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Originally Posted by LP-Steve View Post
Hagies (spelling) - Harrisburg Pa. 1960's-1970's
knoebels Grove - Elysburg Pa. 1970's-1980/1
Lennards Skate-o-Rama - Duncannon Pa. 1980/1
Super Skating Center - Ft. Lauderdale Fl. 1980-1985ish
Skaters Choice - Pompano Fl. 1980-1985ish
Roll Away Skate Way - Davie Fl. 1980-1985ish
??Name?? - Lake Placid Fl. 2001-2002ish
Astro Skating Center - Bradenton Fl. (Currently)
Reflections - Kissimmee Fl. (Currently)
Hagys is still going, was just there a few weeks ago.Lennards closed sometime in the 80's and is now lennards oak world. They sell oak furniture there. Not sure if there is still a rink at knobels grove. Their website does not mention it.

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