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Originally Posted by roadracer9811 View Post

did you see the Breakskate Guys last night on MTV's Best Dance Crew?
They were freakin off the chain~!!! They jammed to a Michael Jacson - Beat It!!! The dude at the end of the video was sick with that head stand~!!
Yeah you gotta love the boys from Indiana! They are some talented young men for sure!

Originally Posted by ShermanSquared View Post
Someone mentioned "Atomic Dog" by George Clinton, but I'm really surprised nobody's mentioned classic P-Funk. Parliament, Funkadelic, Bootsy's Rubber Band...come on, the P-Funk goes with skating like chocolate goes with coffee. Never mind that they're the most sampled band in the world...lots of stuff you guys cited are based on P-Funk grooves.

"If you're gonna steal the funk, steal the mother funkin' P-Funk." -- George Clinton, "Martial Law."
I hadn't mentioned a lot of the Funk classics because they are pretty much a given. But you have a VERY valid point.
Back in action!
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