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Default Short pivot

Originally Posted by pennydreadful View Post

I've got purple cushions and kingpins ~3 threads showing. The other boot is different and the pivot pins have a good few mm of possible adjustment in them. I'm assuming this is because the kingpins are slightly different lengths? That's the only other variable I can think of...
You missed one. You have the action cranked down too hard. if you need three threads showimg, you should go to the next harder cushion. In your case, you're already on purple, and I would not advocate going to red.

Instead, work on getting that action loosened up. Loosen it up a quarter turn and go skate for 20 minutes. Then repeat. When the adjuster nut is flush with the end of the kingpin, switch to a yellow cone and tighten it back down. Repeat. Don't say you can't or that its too unstable. Fact is yes you can, but you have to earn it. I'm 6'2" 220 lbs and my skates are on all blue with the adjuster nut flush. And sometimes that's not enough. If I can, you can.

if you don't get the action loosened up, you will have wasted your money on that plate.
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