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Default The week before an event - training?

Hey all, just wanted some advice on what I should be doing a week prior to a skating event. I'll be doing Texas Road Rash in 2 weeks so want to make sure I optimize that final week prior to the race. (I'll be skating this one at the pro master women's division - this is overly ambitious on my part so now I need to make sure I at least show up and not embarrass myself!!)

My current workout routine goes like this: Mon/Wed/Fri I do 30 min cardio for a warm up (usually running, elliptical or stationary bike) followed by 30 mins of weight training. (Chest/Shoulders, Back/Biceps & legs.) I am skating 3x per week (weather permitting) on the weeknights I do 10-20 miles of interval skating. On the weekend I do a 26-32 mile distance skate; focusing more on form and endurance rather than speed, and I'm back up to skating these distance skates comfortably. I have one 'rest' day per week, and every fourth week I take a recovery week, focusing on cardio and core work. I have nutrition down pretty well - I feel good and have enough energy to support my workouts and I'm finally starting to lean down and tone up.

I'm just coming off of a recovery week and set to start a 3 week weight phase. I'm wondering if the week before road rash I should back off of weights and do more cardio? Try to skate more? Should I take a couple of days off and do nothing at all? (Hard for me by the way; even on my rest day I usually do something light, like yoga or swimming.) I'm also wondering if there is anything I should tweak on my nutrition? (I do higher protein/lower carbs - I'm at about 45% protein 25% carb - lots of vegetables, lower servings of dairy & fruit.)

Last year I took it really easy the week before but it was my first year participating in the events and I wasn't competing at the level that I intend to this year. I just want to make sure I do everything I can to prepare myself to skate as well as possible.

Thanks for any input/advice.
- Christine
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