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Well, I did my foot measurements. The floor in one bathroom has a clean right edge good for using the Bont measuring method. I came up with 280x108. The Bont tool called that a size 9/42. I wear a 9.5/43 and have NO fit issues. There is a little extra room forward my big toe, but I think I would rather have the room than not.

So maybe we should make folks aware that the Bont tool may provide a tight, lengthwise fit.

Perhaps others could take the measurement to see what their results are.

ALSO, worth noting is that I am near the top range of 9/42.
280 gave a size 9
281 gave a size 9
282 gave a size 9.5

So......, maybe if folks are going to use the tool, they should play with the tool some to determine if they are near the top of a size range. THEN, they might want to go a half size, or one euro size up.

Messing around some more, I discovered that size 9 runs from 277-281mm. I, at 280, was near the top or the size 9 range. 9.5 works for me. So I guess the tool has value. But if one is near the top of the size range, going up would be good. If I were 278, I would not likely be liking a size 9.5.
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