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I remember the difference my first pair of good skates made. It was a totally different universe.

As for a duplicate of the same skate... No, not really, but I can understand the feeling. I love something that works, so the temptation is always there. Back in the day I had 2 pair of skates: Artistic and Speed. I could race in my art skates but not do art in my speed skates. But to get maximum speed at speed practice I needed the speed skates to keep up with the fast competition skaters.
But no double of anything else... too expensive for a po bo like me.

Originally Posted by Oicusk82huh View Post
Oh, that makes so much sense! Harder wheel, harder boot! I don't have that much experience, but it seems so logical.

Do you remember getting your first real artistic skate and the difference it made? I'm having difficulty explaining the zen-planet I'm on. (Thank you Riedell and Roll Line.)

Another question...did you guys ever get two pairs of the exact same skates because they made you feel so good? Seriously, have you ever made a duplicate of your favorite skate because you fell in love? Is this crazy? Anyone???
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