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Originally Posted by ese002 View Post
Another zero month from a Garmin perspective. From an actual perspective, it wasn't that bad, definitely not the couch potato activity level of Late March/Early April. I've been doing daily fast walks around the neighbourhood of around 4 miles or so. Curiously, Google Fit calls some of those outings "runs". I think the threshold is about 3.25mph.

I'm hoping that, in June I can do something interesting enough to record on the Garmin. It won't happen immediately, though. Cycling is still out because the tail bone. Getting the scooter will require a compelling business reason to go the office. Skates, I have, but I want to see results of a bone density scan first. That was supposed to be today but it has been delayed until Thursday and I may not see the results in Monday. At any rate, I also think I need be free of even transient pain from the ribs and spine before I put wheels on my feet. I'm not there yet.

Skatelog is supposed to shutdown sometime this month so this would seem to be my last update here. I wish it were more positive but that's just the way it is. With July rolls in, I will setup a new thread of unless someone else gets there first.

Ha! Skatelog is still here.

For June, I have good news, bad news, and worse news.

The good news is that I actually did record something on the Garmin. The bad news is that none of it was skating. The worse news is that there may not be any skating for the foreseeable future and even beyond.

My fast walks have evolved into a mix of walking and light running. Running wasn't really a goal. I was just hunting for a stride change that would reduce heel impact and it seems that a light and low running stride works. I am very wary of running as I do not have the knees for it. It also challenging to get enough oxygen breathing through my nose and mask.

If did not know otherwise, I would say I was somewhere between two and four weeks from resuming skating. I started the month with the notion that I needed to be sure there was no lingering rib pain that might provoke a repeat of the last crash. So that would mean there should be some skating in July.

But that is not likely. I went in for a bone density scan early last month and came out with a diagnosis of "severe osteoporosis". We're still trying to figure out why this happened and what to do about it. In the short run, it means that even that even a moderate fall could fracture multiple bones and send me to the hospital. So, no skating. In the long run, it may never improve enough to make skating acceptably safe.

I am still not able to ride a bike either. I have ordered an upgrade for my stranded push scooter. It can't arrive too soon. Scootering isn't in the same class as skating but it is still good exercise and I think it is compatible with my body as it is.

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