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I am just starting out in slalom. I am an expert skater otherwise with 50 years experience - hockey (inline), speed (inline), dance (on quads), urban in heavy traffic (inline), but never aggressive, parks, pools, etc. I can skate backwards better than frontwards. I was a defense-man in hockey on fully rockered wheels.

OK, that said, I am finding it easier to leave my wheels un-rockered doing basic starter tricks in slalom. I have tried rockering them and for me it just feels to squirrely. I think it might come down to the ankle support of my slalom skates is MUCH more confining than my hockey skates. Also hockey is an entirely different set of motions very rarely requiring skating for any length of time on one skate.

I think my approach will be to keep progressing with basic tricks un-rockered until I find this limits my ability to progress further. Then I will go back to rockered wheels to learn the harder tricks if necessary.

As one experienced slalom skater above mentioned they skated un-rockered for many years before skating on rockered wheels. I'm going with that approach.
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