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Default Get the RollerBlades or Other


First of all I am almost 68 and my first RollerBlade InLines were bought from Play it Again Sports for 100$ someplace in the early 90s. They retailed at the time at 200$ plus. I guess that is almost 30 years ago, and they sound similar to the ones you describe. They got stolen out of my truck. I did love them.

Anyway, the skates I see InLiners including some young people I skate with are so so much better now, I feel like "Staying Ancient is Bad". I mean my one buddy I have skated with for 8 plus years (30s maybe now) recently bought some Roller Blade model from Dicks Sporting Goods, and I just want to own the same as him.

Anyway I am sure that other Newer InLines are as good, yet I would consider Ancient Downsizing, or Youth Reconditioning for a Skating Life UpGrade. Hey trying to be clever with words. DocZ Version 2.2

Keep Skating,

Yours in Skating, MA/NY Skating Dave
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