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Hey Doc,
It sounds like your old skates use Rollerblade's ABT system. I had an ABT skate once, and I just used it like a normal brake. I don't think you can get the same amount of braking power from ABT as you can from a traditional fixed brake. But if you're truly stuck on the ABT system, it does look like Rollerblade's Bladerunner line still includes a skate with this kind of brake:

Bladerunner Performa

Speaking of vintage braking systems, though my favourite was the one I had on my old Oxygen skates. When you put pressure on the brake pad, the brake pad also swivelled and put pressure on the rear wheel. So the brake pad pushed against the ground to slow down, as well as slowing down the rear wheel. I could stop super fast on those things by putting all my weight on that one foot, and lifting the other one while I stopped. All my weight was on the brake pad and the rear wheel of the braking skate. It was great!

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