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My Kryptonics 70's arrived yesterday and went out on them in the afternoon. All I can say is wowwwwwwwww! They literally just roll over everything in their path. I'm usually a very nervous outdoor skater, always looking out for twigs and small stones....stupid woodchips in the outdoor space near me But these wheels just ran over them and I found that I did'nt have to stare at the floor all the time Awesome!

I have'nt weighed them with the outdoor wheels on yet, had derby practice last night to have now got my indoor wheels back on them. They feel VERY heavy though and made my calfs cramp up after a bit Think I need to get used to the weight before Goodwood

Oh and I tried them with the trucks loose like how they are for indoors and there was no rubbing and because I skate around whats basically a basketball court I left them like it for going round the turns
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